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Evaluation and certification


1. Typical application scenario evaluation

Green computing processors and servers represented by the ARM architecture are booming and have been deployed in many application scenarios. This is a typical application scenario of green computing, which shows the comprehensive advantages of ARM-based server solutions. The Alliance actively organized and carried out evaluation methods for typical application scenarios, test environment establishment, and comparison tests.

The member units of the Alliance submitted the application for project initiation and draft evaluation specifications for typical application scenarios at the end of April. According to the Green Computing Consortium Standard Development and Revision Process, organized the member units to initiate and review the evaluation specifications for HPC, Big Data, distributed storage, and web application scenarios based on green servers. The evaluation specifications for the four typical application scenarios have all passed the project initiation review. During the Shenzhen Electronic Expo from August 14 to August 16, 2020, each working group presented application cases of four scenarios at the GCC booth. On November 12 of the same year, the Alliance organized experts to review the evaluation specifications for four typical application scenarios and officially released the specifications at the 2020 Green Computing Industry Summit.

The evaluation environment for typical application scenarios has been deployed in the GCC Open Lab (located in the Electronic Standards Institute), and the comparison and evaluation work has been carried out. According to the test results, the multi-core processor of the Arm server platform provides powerful computing and concurrency capabilities. The performance indicators show comparative advantages. In addition, the multi-core processor of the Arm server platform achieves better energy efficiency than the traditional architecture.

2. GCC & Arm Joint Laboratory Construction

The mapping team organized technical personnel to learn related standards and test specifications and build Arm Server Ready test and certification capabilities. The team can provide testing and certification for Arm-based server products in China. In addition, with the technical support provided by Arm, we plan to carry out trainings on the latest progress of Arm Server Ready for members in the future, so as to prepare technical reserves for the subsequent testing and certification of Arm Server Ready 2.0.

3. Progress of the Certification Work Team

The certification working group has developed a draft of the certification work process for the current standards under research, including the certification object, certification standards and specifications, and certification implementation rules, which lays a foundation for the GCC brand test and certification.