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The white paper and standard achievement conferenc


Green economy and low-carbon economy are the common development direction of the world. In order to better present the latest progress of the green computing industry to the society, accelerate the ecological improvement of the computing industry, build a green computing standard system, and promote the wide application of green computing in various industries, "The white paper and standard results conference of Green Computing Consortium" was held in Beijing on July 27, 2022. It emphatically released two white papers and 10 core standards of GCC and gave an authoritative interpretation of the evaluation methods of 7 typical scenarios.

The conference was hosted by Green Computing Consortium (GCC), CO organized by China Electronic Standards Institute(CESI) and China Electronic Standards Association(CESA), and 24 major participating units of the GCC's achievements participated as joint publishing units.

Affected by the epidemic, the press conference was held in the form of "online and offline". Famous academicians and experts, GCC leaders, representatives of participating units, representatives of leading enterprises, well-known university scholars, industry celebrities and industry experts gathered in the cloud to participate in the grand event. The conference was presided over by duo Jing, executive secretary of China Electronic Standards Association(CESA).



Mei Hong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chairman of Green Computing Consortium, delivered an online speech 

Academician Mei Hong introduced the latest progress of Green Computing Consortium in standard formulation, evaluation and certification, industrial research, talent training, etc., as well as the high-quality services provided to the GCC members in industrial marketing, international cooperation, demonstration bases and other fields, and the unique value of the GCC in the construction of green computing industry ecology. At present, the number of members of Green Computing Consortium has grown to 135. Academician Mei Hong sincerely hopes that members of the GCC and more partners in the industrial chain will make more efforts and contributions to the diversified and open green computing ecological construction.



Xu Wenli, deputy director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, delivered an online speech

Deputy director Xu Wenli pointed out that the green computing industry involves core links such as high-end integrated circuits, basic software and system integration and application. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low cost and low energy consumption. It provides brand-new optimization solutions for important fields such as intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and 5g, and has achieved rapid application and promotion worldwide. We must seize the opportunity, accelerate the mastery of the core and key technologies of green computing, build a harmonious, beautiful and advanced green computing ecosystem with the global industrial chain, help China's new infrastructure construction, and promote China's green computing industry to accelerate its globalization.



Chen Daji, vice president of China Electronic Standards Institute(CESI) and director of Green Computing Consortium, made a speech

Vice President Chen Daji introduced that over the past six years, the GCC has continuously improved the standard system architecture of green computing technology, and on this basis, it has carried out research and development of core technical standards for key links, and completed more than 20 standards such as underlying hardware, software application and security. In order to further improve the green computing technology system and promote the construction of an open innovation ecosystem in the information technology field, he put forward three suggestions for the next step of the GCC: first, adhere to open innovation and jointly build green computing technology and industrial ecology; Second, accelerate the implementation of more application scenarios; Third, strengthen the integration of industry, University and research, and jointly build a talent training system. It is hoped that all of you will join hands, concentrate your efforts, constantly explore and innovate, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the green computing industry.



Xiao ran, vice president of the Strategic Research Institute of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., director of the Department of standards and industrial development and vice president of Green Computing Consortium, made a speech

Vice President Xiao ran said that the computing industry is a full stack ecosystem, including hardware, basic software, application software, system integration, etc. without any link, it may be controlled by others and may not meet the needs of end customers. On the one hand, Huawei has put forward the strategy of "down to the root and up to the sky" internally, and firmly increased investment in the calculation of the main channel; On the other hand, the ecological strategy of "open hardware, open software, enabling partners, and talent development" was put forward. Through the opening of the main board of Kunpeng, the open source of Euler operating system and Gauss database, the enabling partners of Kunpeng wings and Euler sailing plan, and the integration of production and education in the intelligent base, more than 4000 partners and more than 11000 solutions were rapidly developed and widely used in various industries with the joint efforts of the partners.

Green Computing Consortium has been leading the technological innovation of the computing industry through standard formulation, performance evaluation, industrial marketing, open source innovation competition and other means, promoting the construction of the computing ecosystem and bringing real value to the GCC members. Today, we have witnessed the release of phased achievements. In the future, Huawei will continue to unswervingly work with its upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain on the GCC platform to create basic software and hardware root technologies, jointly create the future of the computing industry, and share extraordinary achievements.


Two white papers and 10 core standards of Green Computing Consortium were released in this conference, including:

Based on the needs of the Internet and data center, the white paper on the development of green computing industry introduces the evolution trend of green computing technology, combs the industrial and ecological progress of basic hardware, basic software and their ecological development and application landing, and collects excellent application cases of key industries to provide reference for the industry and users, so as to promote the innovative development of green computing technology and the continuous growth of the industrial ecology.

The white paper on the serviceability index system of computing products aims to solve the problems of poor service quality, low efficiency and low satisfaction during the deployment, operation and maintenance of computing products. It has released the index system of scenario definition, quantitative indicators, evaluation algorithms and application implementation, which will play an important role in improving the serviceability of computing products and supporting the healthy development of the computing industry.

In terms of firmware, three standards, namely, green computing server input / output system (BIOS) test method, green computing server baseboard management controller (BMC) test method and green computing server management northbound interface technical requirements, have further improved the system management ability and compatibility adaptability.

In terms of application, a series of standards, such as virtualization of server application scenario performance test methods, centralized relational database of server application scenario performance test methods, arm native cloud phone of server application scenario performance test methods, and solid state disk performance test methods based on typical server application scenarios, Promote the ability of green computing server solutions.

In terms of security, three standards, namely, basic security capability requirements for green computing solutions, reliability test methods for green computing servers, and reference architecture and general requirements for server confidential computing, have built a green and safe ecological environment for the industrial chain.




Two white papers and 10 core standards

of Green Computing Consortium were released

The site was launched in the form of "promotional video broadcast + on-site touch screen". The promotional video explained the significance and value of the white paper and standards to the green computing industry. The guest representatives from the Electronic Standards Institute, Huawei, anmou technology, Feiteng, Xinhua III, star Trina, great wall technology, Baode, Baixin and other GCC member units participated in the release ceremony.



Zhong Weijun, technical director of China Electronic Standards Institute(CESI), gave a speech on "Performance Evaluation of Computer ApplicationPECAaction" 

At the press conference, Zhong Weijun, technical director of China Electronic Standards Institute(CESI), focused on the significance and value of the PECA, the PECA system, the influence of the PECA industry, the PECA process, The seven typical scenarios (big data, distributed storage, web application, high-performance computing, centralized relational database management system, arm native cloud phone, and virtualization) of "Performance Evaluation of Computer ApplicationPECAaction" are introduced in detail.



Issue the first batch of certificates that pass the performance evaluation of typical server application scenarios 

Ren Xiang, director of integrated circuit evaluation center of China Electronic Standards Institute(CESI), and leader of mapping group of Green Computing Consortium, issued the certificate of  Performance Evaluation of Computer ApplicationPECA of typical application scenarios of servers to the first batch of units that passed the evaluation.

The first batch of enterprises passing the PECA include: Xinghuan information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (big data scenario), Beijing Xingchen Tianhe Technology Co., Ltd. (distributed storage scenario), Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. (high performance computing scenario), Beijing Dongfang Tong Technology Co., Ltd. (web application scenario), Yunhong Information Technology Co., Ltd. (virtualization scenario) Beijing Mass Data Technology Co., Ltd. (centralized database scenario) and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. (arm native cloud mobile phone scenario).



Live keynote speech

Green computing represented by arm architecture is booming and has been deployed more and more widely in many application scenarios. The successful launch of  "The white paper and standard achievements conference of Green Computing Consortium" presented and shared the fruitful achievements of the GCC to the industry. Through comprehensive analysis of the cutting-edge technologies of the computing industry, it gathered excellent application cases of key industries, and continued to promote the innovation of green computing technology and the prosperity and development of industrial ecology.


Green Computing Consortium (GCC) is willing to work with you to build an open, independent and shared green computing world!