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Show the latest achievements of the alliance, and GCC will appear in the 2022 China electricity Expo


On August 16, 2022, the 10th China electronic information Expo with the theme of "striving for a decade, creating a smart future" was solemnly opened in Shenzhen. The Green Computing Consortium (GCC) joined hands with member units to make a grand appearance at the Expo.

In the new innovation exhibition area at No. 1c005 of the cite Theme Pavilion, the Green Computing Consortium (GCC) has divided five areas, including chips, operating systems, applications, complete machines and components, and alliance achievements, with the theme of "uniting efforts to win a new era of green computing", and comprehensively displayed the annual latest achievements of green computing innovative products, excellent application solutions, alliances and member units.


Zhang Hua, vice mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's government, came to the booth of Green Computing Consortium (GCC) and listened to the introduction of GCC by Hu Xiaojing, Assistant Secretary General of the alliance.


Shi Huikang, deputy director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Qu Xiaojie, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Department of industry and information technology of Guangdong Province, and Chen Huaping, deputy director of the Bureau of industry and information technology of Shenzhen, visited the Green Computing Consortium (GCC) to encourage the alliance to innovate and actively promote the high-quality development of China's digital economy with green computing.


The Central Committee of Shenzhen high tech Industrial Park specially organized a delegation to visit the booth of the Green Computing Consortium (GCC).


 Exhibition Group of GCC

The member units of the Green Computing Consortium (GCC) participating in this exhibition include: China Institute of electronic technology standardization, Huawei, anmou technology, Feiteng, NVIDIA, Tiantian Zhixin, Baode, Baixin, Shenzhen Yilian, Shenzhou digital, liantai cluster, radio and television Wuzhou, Qilin, Tongxin, Qilin Xin'an, Xingchen Tianhe, ejiestar, guangzhishu, Shenxin, Shanyan data, Shenzhen Kunyun, massive data, Huayun data Green alliance, etc., comprehensively demonstrated the good development trend of green computing industry with determination and vigorous development.